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CSA B622-14 is a regulation requiring that a positive air shut off device be installed on heavy duty tank trucks carrying dangerous goods. Learn more here.
Roda Deaco manufactures valves that fit virtually every engine model. Explore our products or if you need help specifying which valve is right for your engine, please call us today.
Yes, Roda Deaco has kits for many non-standard applications. These kits save time and money on the installation process.
We install valves on site in our Edmonton facility or can recommend someone closer to you. Visit our installation page for more detailed information.
Airborne hydrocarbons (combustible vapors) present a threat to the controlled operation of a diesel engine. These gases can be drawn into the air intake system, causing the engine to accelerate (overspeed) out of control with the possibility of causing engine damage, explosion, or fire. A positive air shut off valve will block the engine's air supply and shut down the engine.
No. The airborne hydrocarbons become your engine's fuel source. Even though the conventional fuel source (diesel) has been cut off, the engine will continue to run on the gases carried in through the air intake system. In order to shut down the engine and prevent overspeed, the air intake system must be closed off.
The air shut off valve is mounted as close as possible to the engine's air intake manifold. When flammable vapors enter the air intake and the valve is actuated, airflow to the engine is ‘cut off’ prohibiting any further engine operation.
Many companies today require that your vehicle/machine/engine be equipped with a fully automatic system. Some companies may only require very basic manual controls. It is best to confirm with your employer or customer the type of controls you require.
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