RB Series Compact Butterfly

RB2A Compact Butterfly Air Shutoff Valve



Compact butterfly valves are ideal for applications with tight clearances. Examples may include, but are not limited to generators, skid steers, trucks and small dozers.  Valve has three basic body sizes: 2, 3 and 4 inches.  These can be placed on hose sizes ranging from 1.75" to 4".



  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • Heavy duty stainless steel linkage
  • Drilling support equipment
  • Well servicing equipment
  • Refinery support equipment
  • Bulk haulers and tankers
  • Generator sets
  • Mining equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Emergency response vehicles and equipment
  • Aircraft support equipment
  • Agriculture equipment
  • And more
RB2A Compact Butterfly Series
Electric: 3 lbs.
RB3A Compact Butterfly Series
Manual: 2.5 lbs.
Electric: 4.5 lbs.
RB4A Compact Butterfly Series
Electric: 5.5 lbs.
See datasheets for complete specifications. 



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