Roda Installation - Air Intake Shutoff

Roda Deaco provides a variety of solutions to help prevent overspeed of a diesel engine.  Our products and systems include air intake shutoff valves with a variety of actuation types, Revguard 2 speed switch as well as many activation,  installation and wiring harness kits.

Our complete product line includes Roda Deaco, Chalwyn, Rigsaver and AMOT brands.

Butterfly Air Shutoff Valves

Ideal for applications with tight clearances. Examples may include, but are not limited to generators, skid steers, trucks and small dozers.

Flow Actuated Valves

The D-AM automatic valves are self-contained with flow actuated overspeed shutdown. They require no external electrical or mechanical input devices.

Heavy Duty Swing Gate Valves

The Heavy Duty Swing Gate line is ideal in todays most demanding high horsepower applications.  This series includes qualified solutions for Cummins® QSK50 and MTU® 4000 engines.  
(Cummins is a registered trademark of Cummins Inc.  MTU is a registered trademark of MTU Friedrichshafen.)

Swing Gate Air Shutoff Valves

The Swing Gate Positive Air Shutoff Valve uses a "guillotine" method for emergency engine shutdown.  It is offered in a variety of sizes and actuation methods. 

Speed Switches

The Roda Deaco Revguard Speed Switches detect the hazard of an overspeed condition. When engine RPMs exceed the Revguard’s program setpoint, the output is energized, providing the signal to actuate the air intake shutoff valve(s) to shut off your engine.


We have a wide range of Activation, Installation and Wiring Harness Kits to ease the installation of the Air Intake Shutoff Valve into a diesel engine air intake line. The kits are designed to meet specific engine model and application requirements.


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