Air Shutoff Valve Installation

We offer several options for installing your air intake shutoff valve

On-site installation at Roda Deaco The service bay at our Edmonton location (on the map below) is fully-equipped to install Roda Deaco valves in all makes and model of trucks, engines, and equipment. Our highly-trained technicians draw upon decades of experience with positive air shutoff valves in all types of applications, so they can troubleshoot on the spot if necessary. And because we stock all our own parts, you can be on your way quickly. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Installation kits for DIY For the do-it-yourselfers, we offer installation kits to save you precious time and money. Our kits contain instructions and all the hardware required to fit the valve into the air intake line. Each kit is configured for specific engine model and application requirements. Learn more about our installation kits.

Partner network Don’t want to do the work yourself, but you’re not near Edmonton? No problem. We have an installer network across Canada and the US and can recommend a qualified partner near you. Contact us to find a local installer in your area.


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