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Positive Air Shut Off Valves to Stop Diesel Engine Runaway

Roda Deaco is the primary supplier of positive air shut off valves and accessories—also known as ASOV (air shut off valves) or ESD (emergency shutdown valves)—designed to prevent diesel engine runaway. We offer a diverse selection of valve types, sizes, and actuation methods engineered to protect engines against dangerous mechanical failure and workers from injuries that can result from diesel engine runaway. Learn more about Roda Deaco and our commitment to innovation and quality.

RB Butterfly Valve

Compact Butterfly Valves

Positive air shut off valve designed for applications with tight clearances.

RS Swing Gate Valve

Swing Gate Valves

Reliable engine shutdown for a variety of applications.


ThrottleStop Engine Shutdown

Plug-n-play controller that uses existing OEM throttle valve to prevent engine overspeed.

7000 Series Swing Gate

Heavy Duty Swing Gate Valves

Reliable overspeed protection for high horsepower applications with elevated temperature and vibration.

Chalwyn D Valve

Flow Actuated Valves

Self-contained, fully mechanical overspeed protection.

Designed to Order

Custom-Fit Solutions

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