Wiring Harness Kits

Wiring Harness Kits


We offer easy-to-use wiring harness kits to allow fast installation of your Air Intake Shutoff system components. The kit comes complete with signal harness, power and ground harnesses, terminated with compatible end connectors for Plug-and-Play operation. Coupled with our Installation Kits and Activation Kits, you will have all you need for a complete installation.

In addition to mounting kits for hose to hose applications, we offer kits for special applications requiring hump hose, elbow, heavy duty clamps, etc. For information on special application kits, contact customer service at 780-465-4429 or email.

  • Automotive grade wiring for heat, flame and oil resistance
  • Temperature rating of -40ºC to 125ºC usable in wide range of environments
  • In-line 30 Amp breaker that is resettable in case of short circuits
  • Connector terminations that match system component ends for ease of installation
  • EMI protection, safeguarding from outside disturbances
  • Designed for 12V ISE and pneumatic systems only


Kit Part No. Contents
WK-4070-PS, Fully Automatic - Main Power Harness, with in-line resettable breaker
- Signal Harness that can be used with mag pick-up or alternator signal, and separate module ground harness
WK-4070-P, Mannual - Main Power Harness, with in-line resettable breaker


Kit Part No. Contents
Fully Automatic
Wiring Harness Kit - Includes Main Power, Signal and Ground Harnesses
1520-001  RevGuard (Speed Switch) - Monitors engine speed and triggers valve at programmable threshold point
4031-001 or 4031-001S** Magnetic Pick-up Sensor - (3/4 NF x 2.3”L) or (3/4 NF x 1.8”L) Provides engine speed signal to RevGuard

* for 12V ISE and pneumatic systems only
** unless using alternator signal; contact factory for additional Mag Pick-up options

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