Core Return Program


1. Roda Deaco’s Core Program is

a. Only available for certain products, and Roda Deaco reserves the right to initiate and terminate the CORE exchange program in its sole discretion.

b. The Core exchange program is not valid for Customer “Over the Counter Sales” or Used Equipment installed by Dealer.

2. Core Return Charge

a. Customer will be invoiced for the Core whenever the original “upgraded” product is shipped to Customer. The Core charge will be paid according to Roda Deaco original purchase order’s terms and conditions.

b. This charge will be reimbursed to the Customer if an acceptable core is returned to Roda Deaco according to the conditions described in this document. Customer will not short pay due invoices in anticipation of future core credits being issued.

3. Return Period

a. Roda Deaco must receive the core within 60 days of Roda Deaco’s shipment of the upgraded product to Customer. Cores will be tracked against its original purchase order.

b. If customer fails to return an acceptable core within the applicable return period, Roda Deaco shall keep core charge payment from original purchase order and Customer acknowledges no right to credit for return of Core.

4. Core Acceptability

a. Acceptable Cores – Any cores returned must be acceptable to Roda Deaco, as solely determined by Roda Deaco. An acceptable core meets or exceeds the condition of the upgraded product that was provided to Customer on the original purchase order, and the returned product can be converted to an Upgraded product.

b. Unacceptable Cores - If during diagnosis of the core, Roda Deaco determines that the core does not meet acceptance criteria, Customer will be notified and will have (5) days to provide instructions to Roda Deaco to dispose of the unacceptable core or return it at Customer’s expense. If Customer fails to provide instructions within such period, Customer will be deemed to have abandoned the core and Customer shall be deemed to have transferred title and possession of such core to Roda Deaco.

5. Core Return Instructions

a. Customer must ship the CORE to the location identified on the shipping label included in the valve’s packaging.

b. Customer must use the packaging Roda Deaco provides when returning the core. Using other packaging not provided may result in irreparable damage to the core.

c. Customer is solely liable for any costs associated with Customer’s shipment of the core to an incorrect address.

6. Core Charge Reimbursement

a. Core credits are evaluated on a monthly basis and credits issued by the 15th of each month.

b. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

PDF of Core Return Policy

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